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Unveiling the Power of the Middle East Pharmaceutical Industry: The 6th Arab Pharma Manufacturers’ Expo 2024


The Middle East is poised to witness a significant showcase of the pharmaceutical sector with the upcoming 6th Arab Pharma Manufacturers’ Expo 2024, the region’s largest and premier exhibition on comprehensive Pharma Manufacturing.

Scheduled for July 2nd and 3rd, 2024, this dynamic event will take place at the Jordan International Exhibition Center (JIEC) within the iconic Mecca Mall in Amman, Jordan. The expo promises to mark a historic moment by presenting the largest and most impactful edition to date, highlighting the pinnacle of industry advancements and innovations.

Carving a Path of Innovation and Collaboration

The 6th Arab Pharma Manufacturers’ Expo 2024 is positioned as the epicenter of strategic collaboration, bringing together industry leaders and visionaries to propel the future of pharmaceutical development across the Middle East region. This landmark event is characterized by:

– An exclusive collaboration with the Arab Union of the Manufacturers of Pharmaceutical and Medical Appliances (AUPAM), establishing it as the sole exhibition of its kind.
– The prestigious endorsement of the Arab Company for Drug Industries and Medical Appliances (ACDIMA), a Pan-Arab Shareholding company established by a resolution from the Arab Economic Unity Council.
– A prestigious lineup of over 250 exhibitors from 25+ countries, unveiling cutting-edge products, revolutionary technologies, and unparalleled services.
– A distinguished advisory board comprising key decision-makers from the Middle East region.
– An anticipated gathering of over 2000 attendees, including esteemed industry experts, key decision-makers, and a distinguished cadre of healthcare professionals.
– An exclusive, meticulously curated paid Technical Seminar, conducted in Arabic, delving into the theme “THE PATH AHEAD FOR VALUE ADDED MEDICINES” with participation from over 200 delegates.
– A comprehensive array of products on display, ranging from Pharma Processing and Packaging Machinery & Material to Analytical and Lab Instruments, API, Excipients, Formulations, and Contract Manufacturers.

Supported by Industry Associations

Dr. Mohammad Khalil, Director General of ACDIMA, extends his wholehearted support to AUPAM and the 6th Arab Pharma Expo 2024, “We cordially invite all professionals from our manufacturing and clinical teams to seize the invaluable opportunities presented by this significant exhibition and conference, right at our doorstep. Best wishes to all participants!”.

Prof. Dr. Nizar Mhaidat, Director General of the Jordan Food & Drug Administration (JFDA), extends unwavering support to the expo, “JFDA proudly extends its unwavering support, and I cordially invite esteemed Arab FDA department heads and leaders from the pharmaceutical industry to join us at the expo and engage in the enlightening scientific program on July 2 and 3.”

Furthermore, the expo garners support from other notable associations across burgeoning markets, including the Jordan Chamber of Industry, Amman Chamber of Industry, Syria Scientific Council for National Pharmaceutical Industries, the Iraqi League for Medicine Producers, the Association Tunisienne des Médicaments Génériques, and the Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC) under the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India.

Prepare to witness a transformative movement at the 6th Arab Pharma Manufacturers’ Expo 2024, where pharmaceutical manufacturers converge to shape the future of this dynamic and burgeoning market.


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