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Dear Readers,

The TFT September edition cover has a very ‘Hot Topic’ as August caused a wildfire in the exhibitions industry when Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) sent a notice letter to NESCO asking them to stop organising events. This caused havoc for the venue owner and panic amongst the organisers.

TFT cares! Hence, we asked the Exhibition Industry members to voice their opinion & reply on this absurd action by BMC. Reply of exclusive Q & A from the who’s who of the industry on the subject is published with due respect to concern stakeholders.

Stories of major exhibition industry happenings and its associations are well covered in this edition. The Q & A section will help your cognition, many of which are eye-openers, highly informative and straight-to-the-point.

We appreciate our reader’s queries and comments in our inboxes and website’s comment section on the editions, the articles and the Q & A’s. We expect you to keep flooding us with your different yet wonderful queries and reviews & as always expect us to respond to each and all of them.

A reply from KINTEX has been received on the cover story of TFT August. The South Korean company, allotted the management of IICC at Dwarka, has responded stating the facts about the consortium and correcting the facts which were published by TFT as per the release by eSANG. Although, we fail to understand what made eSANG issue a press release about IICC without consulting their partners. Did they not know the rules of a consortium or the roles of respective partners?

The India International Fair will be held on a smaller scale until the redevelopment of Pragati Maidan is complete by March 2019, the ITPO Executive Director revealed. IELA is back in the news for signing a MoU with SAACI, with main priorities surrounding exchange of information along with workshops and sessions for Educating labours, Training Programmes and Improving security awareness in the event industry. I would like to encourage all show organisers, venue owners as well as service providers to attend IELA CONNECT for insights into a secure and safer exhibition industry.

Suresh Prabhu, Minister of Commerce and Industry, inaugurated the 4th edition of IIFF, his positive assurance stating all possible support for the footwear industry should help India on a global scale to reach new heights as the leading footwear manufacturers. The Exhibition Guy, Stephen Murtagh has created waves with his exhibition based book “Before You Hit The Venue”. We bring to you the 1st chapter, WHY EXHIBITING MAKES REAL SENSE FOR YOUR BUSINESS. Well, make the most of this opportunity to read this exclusive book only in TFT which will be released in a series of chapters. Do let us know your feedback on his marvel.

The CEO of Messe Muenchen India, Bhupinder Singh says a combination of live products and technologies on display with high-level supporting programmes will enable electronica and productronica India to unlock massive market opportunities for the electronics industry in India. With the quality shows MM India is organising, this should be a must visit. Also, did you know the electronics industry is valued at $400 billion?

Well, that’s enough of a brief from me; as I could only cover a finger out of five in this editorial but what are you waiting for? The copy is in your hands. Go on and read this edition for its immense quality and well-written trade fair dedication. I hope you do bask in the wisdom of my industry colleagues with their informative inputs and great suggestions in the Q & A’s, a big shout out to them for their most substantial answers.

Keep reading TFT!

M Q Syed