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From Silver Screen to Art Scene : Journey as an Actor Turned Exhibition Organizer

Exploring the Journey of The Haat of Art India, the Challenges of Organizing Art Exhibitions, and the Influence of Acting on Entrepreneurship.


In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Virendar Randhawa, lovingly known as Vindu Dara Singh, actor, art exhibition organizer, and son of the legendary Dara Singh, to discuss his multifaceted career, the art exhibitions that showcase India’s hidden creative talents, and the enduring influence of his iconic father on his life and work.

TFT: What are some of the Memorable Roles That You Have Played in Movies and TV Serials? How Did Your Father, Dara Singh, Influence Your Passion for Wrestling and Acting?

VDS: My father has been a living legend who has inspired millions across the globe and has always been showered with a lot of love and respect. If I can be 1% of his magnanimous personality, I will consider myself blessed. If I need to share about an influence then it would be how to remain humble, grounded, and always meet people with a warm, genuine smile in spite of being a public figure that’s always under the scanner.

My father loved meeting his fans & admirers and never ignored anyone who wanted to spend even a few minutes with him. I try to do the same. As far as fitness is concerned, I don’t think I need to say anything. Fitness, clean food, and good health are equivalent to breathing for my family and me. Furthermore, coming to movies & TV, each role is special but something that will remain etched in my soul will be the role of Hanuman. My father is still pictured as Hanuman ji even when people think of Hanuman ji, and it has been an absolute privilege that I get opportunities to continue playing this blessed role on TV, in films, and theatre as well as the biggest show called Jai Shri Ram live.

I have worked in above 50 tv shows and 50 movies but the BiggBoss season 3 win is very close to my heart. It’s hard to mention names as all my work is precious but “Kambakht Ishq” and “Son of Sardar” kind of movies and “Chandramukhi” and “Hindustani” & “Jai Mata Ki” kind of shows are what people loved lots.

TFT: How Has Your Background in Acting Influenced Your Approach to Organizing Exhibitions? Are There Any Specific Skills or Experiences from Acting That Have Proven Valuable in This New Role?

VDS: Patience, hard work, and of course varied interpretations of an artist’s creativity come to the forefront because of my profession as an actor & performer. Waiting for a great opening and welcoming a tremendous footfall are like waiting for the box office report! I have been doing exhibitions with my wife for Bluesky all across the country and already have a lot of experience as to what works and how to make it a huge success. Wishing you all a very happy Diwali in advance and don’t forget to drop in and buy a piece of art at our exhibition.

TFT: What Inspired You to Pursue a Career in the Exhibition Industry? What Are Your Future Plans for the Haat of Art India?

VDS: India truly is a splendid example of an amalgamation of beautiful cultures, rich heritage, creativity, and talent. However, we have a lot of untapped talent and artists who lack the right platform to showcase their skills. The Haat of Art came to life with the thought of highlighting these creative geniuses and giving them a platform to explore their potential where art lovers from all over the nation can come, visit, admire and purchase collectibles from artists who are creating a name for themselves to the top artists of the country.

TFT: What Are the Benefits of Organizing Art Exhibitions and Live Shows in Different Cities and Countries?

VDS: Space, travel arrangements, necessary licenses, and permissions; because each city, each state, each country has their own protocols as well. With every exhibition at a different location, we get to learn something new.

TFT: What Are Some of the Challenges and Opportunities That You Face as an Entrepreneur in the Digital Art Space?

VDS: Awareness of local talent and why invest in local talent instead of big, well-established and known names; these are both a challenge as well as an opportunity and we have been blessed that we are now presenting this opportunity laced with our hard work and showcasing to an audience that is an art connoisseur.

TFT: How Do You Maintain Your Fitness and Health at the Age of 59?

VDS: Peaceful sleep, regular workout, positive frame of mind, simple home-cooked food, and spending time with my family and loved ones contribute to good health.

TFT: What Are Your Long-term Goals and Aspirations for Your Career as an Art Exhibition Organizer? Do You Plan to Expand to Even More Cities or Explore Different Exhibition Formats in the Future?

VDS: Absolutely and hopefully art lovers across the world will continue to support The Haat of Art. We are not a 1-time partner with the artists as once you are a part of The Haat of Art family your work will continue to sell from our websites forever.