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TFT April 2024

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India is on the cusp of redefining the global exhibition landscape, evidenced by the recent spate of highly successful and upcoming trade shows and expos. From automotive innovations and culinary arts to garment technology, digital transformation, modern design, and beyond, the nation is showcasing
its prowess across various sectors. These events not only highlight India’s advancements but also its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and technological progress, alongside fostering unprecedented industry growth and innovation in the home products market.

The Bharat Mobility Expo 2025, for instance, stands as a testament to India’s ambition in the automotive sector, promising to unveil the latest in mobility advancements. Similarly, the Culinary Art India 2024 celebrated culinary innovation, the GTE Garment Technology Expo 2024 showcased significant advancements in garment and textile technology, and the anticipation around the India Mobile Congress 2024 emphasizes India’s role in digital transformation. Furthermore, the debut of Design Mumbai promises to be a groundbreaking event in contemporary design, showcasing both acclaimed and emerging talents.

Adding to this rich tapestry of innovation and progress, the Growth Expo 2024 in Mumbai, as elucidated by Mr. Yashesh Shah, is not just another event but a crucible of opportunities. It aims to foster connections, ignite collaborations, and pave the way for unprecedented growth in the industry. This expo represents the dynamic nature of India’s economic landscape, offering a platform for ventures of all sizes to showcase their potential and find synergies that could redefine their industries.
Similarly, HGH India emerges as a pivotal event in the bustling landscape of India’s home products market. In an exclusive interview with Arun Roongta, Managing Director of HGH India, we glean insights into how this bi-annual showcase has become an indispensable event for industry players worldwide.

These interviews and events collectively underscore India’s multifaceted progress and its readiness to lead on the global stage. They serve as beacons, inviting global investors, innovators, and thought leaders to engage with India’s vibrant ecosystem. As we look towards these events with anticipation,
it is clear that the future is not just approaching; it is already here, being shaped and showcased in India. Through fostering industry growth, facilitating international collaborations, and spotlighting innovation, India’s exhibition landscape is indeed redefining global standards.



M Q Syed,