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“Bringing MOJO to our everyday work lives is the key” – Uttam Gupta

Uttam Gupta, CEO of BIG Logistics India, talks with Bhavishya V Boricha of TFT in an Exclusive one on one. He shares his insights on Logistics Industry along with developments at BIG Logistics India.”

TFT – Greetings Mr. Gupta, tell us about yourself, your organization and your journey so far. What were the initial years like? What were the challenges you faced? How did you get introduced to the Trade Fair Industry?

UG There could not be a better time to talk to our exhibition industry fraternity, than this. Let’s begin by wishing everyone not just a prosperous and successful New Year, but most importantly, a healthy and peaceful, yet exciting, New Year! Most of our friends in this industry already know about our brand, our team and me, and hence I will try to keep it as brief as possible. BIG Logistics is like my dream project, which has been put together piece by piece, to fulfil all unmet demands of the exhibition logistics industry. Nothing in this world is perfect and complete. Our effort, via our brand, is to get this industry as close as possible to perfection, just like that graph leading to infinity. It has been 30+ years since I have been enjoying my time in this industry, during which I have learnt a whole lot of things. Though I got introduced to this field by chance, but today, looking back, I believe much more in the saying – “everything happens for a reason”. Courtesy our team and experienced professionals, neither our clients and nor us have had to face any challenges since our inception. Though there have been some speed breakers, but then it is because of those hiccups that some accidents were avoided. Still if you ask me the challenges, only one remains till date – the ever changing industry, and we being relevant to it. Everything put together – I’d like to introduce myself as a 360o Logistics man.

TFT – What do you think of the Logistics Industry in India?

UG It is one of the best places to be. This can be attributed to the following factors: a very active and powerful local association (IEIA) and the government’s changing outlook towards the exhibition industry. I have forever been fascinated by the dynamics of this industry, but the factors mentioned before makes this place exciting. IEIA has been growing by leaps and bounds, and has been continuously taking up issues which have bothering the industry for long. It is acting just like the needed bridge between the industry and government. The government has also realised the potential this industry holds, and its potential in helping the government reach its 5 trillion USD target of GDP.

TFT – Which sector provides for good business in Logistics?

UG This has to be the heavy machinery sector, be it any industry: Engineering, Pharma, automobile, construction, etc. However, looking into the present situation of market pharmaceutical machinery is the winner. This sector calls for regular research and display of new technology; hence exhibitions for this sector are obligatory.

TFT – What according to you are the current trends in the Logistics world? How do you see the future of the Logistics Industry in India? What are the issues and challenges that exists in the Industry?

UG Digitalization is the current trend in our industry. Be it the exhibitors, show organizers or service providers, everyone is trying to get digitalized. The by-product of digitalization is transparency in operations and visibility across all channels, which everyone loves. With new venues coming up in Delhi, revamp of ITPO and new infrastructure in TIER 2 cities, the future seems to be blooming. IEIA has also helped in improving the outlook of our industry globally, as the perception internationally seems to have improved, with a lot more international shows and investments happening in India. Major challenges, there are none. However I still feel that the industry needs to be more inclusive towards players of all strata. This will help in improving the penetration of this industry in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

TFT – In the past five years, how has your company grown?

UG Since our inception in 2012 our growth has been steady, thanks to the support of our partners and colleagues throughout the industry. We now have our own offices across all metro cities, with warehouses and in-house customs clearance facilities. We have also investing is some exciting new talented professionals who bring zeal and fresh perspective in our work lives.

TFT – From your perspective, tell us the positives and negatives of the Logistics Industry.

UG The positives are numerous, the biggest one being the fact that the logistics industry is one of the biggest job creators. Through all parts of this industry: venue owners, exhibition organizers and service providers, numerous jobs are created. This industry also gives exposure to all kinds of exhibitors, and acts as a gateway between the various parts of the world. How else can you imagine technologies from one part of the world to be a part of another world? Being logistics service provider and on-site handling agent, I have just one negative in my mind: unrealistic tear-down schedules after show closing. This leads to an unsafe working environment for everyone present on-site.

TFT – What do you think is the Government doing for the advancement or benefit of the Logistics Industry in India?

UG The Indian government has introduced several schemes to support the SMEs participation in trade shows. The National Small Industries Corporation under the Ministry of MSME provides a scheme for organizing and participating in the exhibition and supports co-sponsoring of the exhibition. The MSME Ministry will support in providing the space for the exhibition at subsidized rates to exhibitors who are engaged in the promotion & development of MSME growth in India.  The MSME industry under their SME scheme will further provide assistance in marketing, International Cooperation, technology up-gradation.

TFT – How do you manage your professional and personal life? How do you cope with multi-tasking and stressful situations? Any tips for budding trade fair and logistics enthusiasts?

UG Balancing your professional and personal life is something that one learns with time and experience. It is not something that can be taught, everyone needs to find their own balance in their own style. For me, it depends on the situation. I do not live by the fact that professional life and personal life are different, and both should not overlap. I try to prioritise based on the situation, be it any day, be it anytime. If a situation calls for paying more attention to work, that it is what should be and would be done. Multi-tasking is the need of the hour. We can’t just concentrate on the job at hand. Our team of thorough professionals help me deal with all situations which require multi-tasking, helping me avoid stressful situations. Diligent delegation of task is the mantra.

TFT – What personal and professional motto(s) do you stand by?

UG I have one motto for life – we need to invest resources in a seed to make it flower and bloom. In case of personal life, the resources would be time and the flower would be relationships between me and my family, and, in case of professional life the resources would be experience, time and money and flower would be our brand.

TFT – If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to your younger self? Which things would you like to do differently?

UG To absolutely enjoy what we have at hand, without worrying about the future, but never being negligent of the future at the same time. Learning from the past, enjoying the present and investing in a sustainable future.