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TFT January 2022



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Let me begin with remembering all those friends and fraternity members whom we lost in the two waves of the pandemic in the last two years. We pray that the year 2022 brings back the shines and sun in the lives of the people.
The TFT January 2022 edition is in your hands as you all know that TFT has never been a commercial venture and a not for profit media from its inception- we are now forming an Editorial Board consisting of global experts from Face to Face, Virtual & Hybrid Events industry to further the concept of editorial independence.

Upon formation of the Editorial Board, TFT will operate under the guidance of the said
board which will provide expert advice on content, reach, policies, attract new authors and
encourage readership across the world.

The Editorial Board shall:
 Write key content for TFT.
 Advise on policy and scope.
 Identify topics for special issues, which they may guest edit.
 Attract new authors and reporters.
 Promote TFT to colleagues and peers.
 Use TFT as a platform to reach a wider audience for their business.
 Use TFT to promote their exclusive and approved services at no costs.
 Help organise TFT Annual Awards, Round Tables and Conclaves,
 Selection of TFT Editorial Board Members.

Editorial Board members will be invited and selected by the TFT publisher. The Editorial
board shall undergo a complete revision every two or three years, with members joining,
stepping down or continuing for another term. Changes may also occur in the interim, for
example if a member resigns.

Board members should be invited from key geography and content areas
Bloggers with in-depth knowledge of subject matter and wider reach, contributors
with very rich writing skills, authors of key reviews, and top reviewers shall consist of TFT
Editorial Board.

Existing board members may have suggestions for new members, We look forward for your valuable suggestions on the above.

Keep enjoying the TFT readings.
M Q Syed,
Editor in Chief.