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“Gen X is more conscious towards Beauty & Fitness” – Mustafa Khan

Mustafa A Khan, CEO of Brandsun Promotion, talks with TFT in a one on one. He shares his thoughts about things related to the Upcoming Edition of India International Beauty Fair (IIBF) 2020.

TFT – Greetings! This being the maiden edition of IIBF, are you nervous? What are your thoughts before the show?

MKNot at all. Yes, this is our maiden attempt  but I am sure we will be able to put on a good show for the stakeholders. Our past associations and participation in such fairs will help us in good stead.

TFT – What is the main reason of organising this exhibition? What objective does it hold? Is this a B2B or B2C show?

MKThe reason behind this exhibition is to create a bridge between local and global Beauty and Cosmetics industries bringing them together so that we can understand the potential need of Beauty and Cosmetics in this emerging India and serve them better. This is a B2B & B2C exhibition. The Major Objectives of this event is to help Industries setting up their roots in local market to serve customers well.

TFT – How many exhibitors are participating? Are the participants only from India or from other countries as well? What is the exhibitor profile for this show?

MKIt is difficult to give a number to a show of this magnitude. I would say a large number of participants have already registered and more exhibitors are joining from both India and abroad.

TFT – Who should visit this exhibition? What are your expectations regarding the footfall?

MKManufacturers, Distributors, Business Planners, Entrepreneurs who are looking forward to acquire the potential market in Class A & Class B Cities should visit this show. Although this show is for general public as well who wants to explore the trends in Fashion and Beauty Industries. The Expected footfall for this event should be approx. More than 20000 in number. 

TFT – The show was originally to be organised in 2019, what caused the delay? How did you handle the exhibitors to participate after this delay?

MKI am glad to inform that a large number of our exhibitors have expressed their ability to participate this year. Heeding their demands, we have decided to organise the show this year.

TFT – Can you elaborate for our readers, what topics and issues will be discussed at the conference / seminar?

MKThe major topics to discuss would be on how to understand the need of the market considering the industry, what are the possible ways to enhance the production and distribution network across A class and B class Cities in India. How can we make things affordable for customer by minimizing the production and distribution cost for the manufacturer.

TFT – Kindly explain the theme of the show for this year?

MKThe theme of this event is ‘Beauty Beyond Boundaries’.

TFT – What is going to be the highlight of this year’s show?

MKThe highlight of the Show is the Brands which are coming from 10 Different Countries, 20000 B2B Visitors from all cross India, Bollywood celebrities during the events, Industry experts from fashion and Cosmetics Industries.

TFT – Tell us something about the break-through innovations in the Beauty Industry this year?

MKBeauty & Fashion is forever and it is increasing its potential year by year, Considering Indian market there is lots of requirements which needs to be served better which provoked us to create the market place for this industry starting from Mumbai. The overall Beauty Business in India is growing rapidly with the cosmetics market growing at 15-20% annually. The retail beauty and cosmetics market in India currently estimated at USD 950 million is pegged at USD 2.68 billion by the year 2020. The beauty care market in India is likely to become the main contributor to the growth of Indian wellness industry and it consists of salons, cosmetic products, cosmetics treatment centres and cosmetic products. Women contribute to over 85% of the Salon industry revenue, while men’s hair is the next wave set to hit the Indian Salon Industry. The Indian Cosmetics Industry has seen a tremendous growth in the last few years due to rising beauty concerns among both men and women. It was revealed that colour cosmetics market is growing at a rapid rate in comparison to other segments. As for the International players already present in India, there has been a slew of beauty products makers have lined up to cash in on a business boom in India.

TFT – What do you guarantee to the exhibitors of this show? What is the ROI for the exhibitors of this trade show?

MKTalking on figures is unjustified, since every product has different revenue model. But we guarantee that every exhibitor will define new heights in their business by meeting such potential influencers of market who are driving today’s India. The exhibitors will gain an  impressive  exposure to both Indian and  international key players  and  the  trends  that are gaining fast  currency in the  western market ; thereby influencing in markets such as  India.

TFT – What do you think is the future of Cosmetics or Beauty Industry in India?

MKIt’s Bright! Most of the international brands are trying to cash in on the huge appetite for foreign cosmetic brands in India amid growing spending power among the country’s large section of women, thanks to the increasing number of ladies entering the corporate workforce every year. On an average, working women spends 35% or more of their income on themselves.

TFT – How much support is this Industry getting from relative associations? How does the Beauty & Cosmetics Industry here fare compared to the other countries?

MKAs of now ASSOCHAM, FIEO and India’s Premier Trade Promotion Body – India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) has already joined hands and more and more international trade bodies are working to join hands.

TFT – What advice would you like to give on creating or sustaining a successful trade show?

MKAs an Organizer, I feel,  one must be highly focused and have a keen for the details  on both the quality of exhibitors and what they are bringing to the table. Certainly, financial management of holding the show is the key to success.