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TFT January 2020


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Dear Reader,
Wish you a Happy New Year!
2020 was supposed to be the beginning of a great decade… But the year began with inauspicious news and outrageous action by the government engulfing our country.
I dearly hope that violence in the name of religion stops and severe action is taken for the violent attacks on students at JNU.
Let’s hope our Industry prospers this year. Firstly, hearty congratulations to Balasubramaniam Pillai on being elected as the new IEIA President for the term 2019 – 2021.
Congratulations to all newly elected EC Members of IEIA! I hope you take the necessary steps for the improvement of our Industry.
We have a strong line-up of interviews for the first edition of 2020. Look forward to brilliant insights from Industry Professionals in Exclusive Q & A’s.
The 39th edition of IITF concluded with huge visitor turnout. The event also made a buzz for the thefts that took place during the event. Dressed in casuals, Delhi police detained over 40 people during the event.
Gear-up for this year’s Auto Expo in February. India’s biggest automotive show seeks to put new emission technology and safety standards under one roof. Better late than never I say! With the rapid increase in pollution, it’s the need of the hour along with electric vehicles.
Technology is the future! And what better way to prepare for it than gaining great insights through TechTalk, DigiTalk and Exhibition Talk.
Big Shout-out to Eddie from Exchange4Artist for providing with the Event Managers Horoscope and Exhibition Talk segment. We have Richard Erschik – one of the highest-rated Exhibitor Educators and Trainer from USA (Also referred to as the stand-up comedian in trade show exhibitor education). Learn with Richard is the segment where you’ll be enlightened with his talk. Do email and ask Richard your queries. A big thank you to Stephan Murtagh and Larry Kulchawik for sharing their wisdom with us every month on the Aspects of Exhibiting. Do support and read/buy Larry’s book “Trade Shows from One Country to the Next”.
Stay Blessed and Keep Reading TFT!
M Q Syed