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Witness the world of Smart Lighting, Digitalization & IoT Innovations at LED Expo Thailand + SMARTECH ASEAN 2021

Everything around is changing with the dawn of the 21st century; the way we live, work & communicate in day-to-day life. The technological revolution that this era has introduced replaces almost anything the moment it arrives. A remarkable transition from the fourth industrial revolution to the fifth seems to be well adapted by everyone! People now are not surprised with advanced innovations and rather have great expectations to receive much effective & advanced technological solution.

Smart technology & its advances

Smart technology: An era of constant innovations with artificial intelligence, big data analysis, and machine learning. All of this to serve the world with cognitive awareness to objects that perhaps would sound preposterous in the past.

It is convenient, ensures sustainability, provides security, is highly efficient & saves time with money. What more does one ever need? Sustainability and energy efficiency are 2 of the major pillars of smart technology; making a huge improvement in the lighting & LED segment.

For example Sustainable street lights! These are highly preferred as alternate power sources. Experts of the lighting industry are happily accepting the futuristic designs that run on renewable technology. Also, there are other innovations like smart home assistants, smart security, smart home appliances, and thermostats.

Role of LED Expo Thailand + SMARTECH ASEAN 2021

Your platform bringing together “Energy Efficiency and Digitalization for SMART Lighting”.

LED Expo Thailand + SMARTECH ASEAN is one of the most popular exhibitions in the lighting & LED sector. However, it walks with the world and hence has embraced the concept of Smart Technology for its upcoming show.

The platform will highlight energy efficiency, IoT & digitalization for Smart Lighting. It is the 8th annual edition and a hybrid one that provides online as well as virtual opportunities in the LED & IoT industry. The platform is also the most cost-effective platform for you to reach out to the entire lighting, LED, smart technology, energy efficiency, connectivity, and IoT markets of Thailand and the ASEAN region.

The Expo will act as a platform to create awareness regarding smart technology-centric applications that can be put to for various use, thereby creating new possibilities for both exhibitors and visitors. LED Expo Thailand + SMARTECH ASEAN would enable the participants to gain access to ASEAN markets and give them an opportunity to network and partner with the smart tech industry players in the region.

The online + onsite exhibition will be held for 3 consecutive days from 1st to 3rd September 2021 with beneficial show highlights & attraction zones. 200+ brands participating as exhibitors and over 5,000 trade visitors (international & local) will gather at IMPACT Exhibition Center, Bangkok, Thailand for the physical show and the virtual show @ Everything here will reflect the importance of going smart with digitalization while considering sustainability & energy efficiency.